I Feel Your Soul Stirring…I Hear the Call of Your Spirit

These are unusual times…

Our world is changing at an incredible pace.

Many of us are evolving at a whirlwind pace — it’s happening so fast that what happens one minute could be completely irrelevant moments later, yet the evolution continues, and we continue on the path, no matter where it takes us. It’s terrifying at times, exhilarating too, and can feel so uncertain that it’s a mystery how our skin even stays attached to our bones, and yet, we persist.  That’s what we do.

If you are beginning to feel this evolution occurring in yourself, your life, you might be feeling uncertain, unstable, or possibly wondering if this is actually for real.  It is, my Love, it is!

Despite all the chaos, the craziness, the absolute tumult going on around us, one thing is for certain, magic is happening. Women are waking up to the power in their bones. They are listening to the song that is flaring up in their hearts. We are seeking out our Soul Sisters and coming together to share our stories, to wield our magic, and to deepen in to these changes and this evolution.

As we navigate these new times, these new waters, I am devoted to holding space for those of us who are discovering our power, our love, our hearts, our potential to help usher in the future. There is so much at stake!  Our planet, our children, our lives.

This is a year where foundations are laid, where big changes will unfold, and where many of us will discern our next steps on this incredible journey.  If you would like to join this journey, I’m so ready to take your hand in mine as we navigate these bold paths.

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In July 2016, the Ancient Alchemy Process will begin.

A 6-Month Journey into the Depths of Your Soul

If you are you interested in learning tools, techniques, and rituals that can help support you on this path of awakening, the Ancient Alchemy Process is footpath to your own inner temple. This 6-month intensive will establish a foundation of clarity, knowing, and skills that you can use to support your self as you walk this path of life.  We will delve into healing modalities including herbal medicine, aromatherapy, energy work, and soul retrieval. The work will require your full commitment and attention. If you are serious about taking yourself to the next level, all while clearing away all those blocks and self-limiting beliefs, then let’s chat!  Send me an email, and let’s arrange to talk on the phone.  Life is evolving so fast, and things are changing so quickly!


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